Outdoor Investment Company

We understand the land.

Finding Yours

It starts with a phone call and an appointment.

  1. We’ll sit down with you to determine your objectives in the land purchase (investment).
  2. We’ll ask you questions to be sure we understand what you want; what would be your “dream” property.
  3. With our experience and market knowledge we will help answer any questions you might have then start the search.
  4. Site visits will begin along with evaluation of the positives and the potential challenges of every opportunity.
  5. If you agree the site fits you and fulfills your goals, we then enter the negotiation.  We will be involved in every step of the process by disclosing all research on the property, negotiate for the best price and terms on your (the buyer’s) behalf, uphold the confidentiality of your financial situation and thoughts, assist with any contract contingencies, etc.  With our market experience, we will advise you even if it means pointing out reasons NOT to buy.
  6. Once the transaction closes, we’ll continue to be a source for you for information on how to manage, care and ENJOY YOUR NEW INVESTMENT!

If you’d like to get started today on finding your special place, give us a call at 205-802-5535.